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Beauty Broker is a digital marketplace where certified beauty professionals can build their personal brand, market their skills, and manage several aspects of their business (namely bookings, scheduling, and customers) independently.
Our goal is to build a transparent and fair economy for the beauty industry, where providers are given all the tools they need to build and run a successful business for themselves. The beauty industry has been stagnant for too long amidst the emerging gig-based economy and we're here to fix that.

A Values-Driven Platform For Beauty Professionals


We're constantly working with our service providers to refine Beauty Broker and build a better future for the beauty industry.


In today's world, trust is so important in every transaction. That's why we're building an open, honest, and transparent experience for our partners.


The beauty industry is missing out on the digital economy. We're here to prioritize the beauty professional as it's your work that connects with the client.

A Digital Mobile Marketplace Designed To Save Time & Money


Customers can browse and book appointments with beauty professionals in their area.

Beauty Broker

Beauty Broker charges a flat 10% fee per booking.


Providers get a comprehensive set of tools to sell and market their services.

Salon and Spa Services at Your Fingertips

Browse and book the best beauty providers in your area and have them come to you.