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Beauty Broker offers booking software for the beauty industry that's backed by a digital marketplace where anyone can find and book your services. Getting started is quick, easy and it also happens to be free.
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Free Booking Page

Customize your booking page with details about yourself, photos of your work, your business location and more. This is your place to market your skills.

Integrated Payments

Beauty Broker offers a seamless and consistent payment experience from deposit to checkout and everything in-between so you can rest easy.

Dynamic Scheduling

Build a daily or weekly schedule once and we'll handle the rest. Going away for the weekend or want extra hours? We've got you covered there too.

Automatic Reminders

Send automatic reminders upcoming appointments via email or text so everyone is always on the same page.

Rich Analytics

Track all your potential and current earnings and break them down by individual booking and customers within specific timeframes.

No-show Protection

Beauty Broker automatically protects your time with a built-in deposit and cancellation structure to reduce no-shows.

Intuitive Design For A Quick Setup

Design a statement for yourself! A place for you to showcase your look on beauty, tell us about your business and upload & organize photos

Fair Pricing That Just Works

Beauty Broker charges a flat 7% fee per booking plus processing fees to the customer. That way, you get to take home all your earnings plus tip.
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Lauren Talveeti
(303) 444-2226
Hair Service
Hair Wash
20 mins ($25.00)
Hair Service
60 mins ($75.00)
Subtotal $100.00
Discount ($0.00)
Service Fee $10.50
Total $110.50

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