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What is Beauty Broker?

Beauty Broker is a marketplace to manage bookings for mobile spa services. We are here to assist both the provider and customer bringing a comfortable experience to the place of your choice.

What's unique about Beauty Broker?

Beauty Broker is designed to help with life’s busy demands! We assist providers with a platform to meet the rigors of scheduling and the freedom to list their own services and pricing without the burden of additional fees. We also help clients find avenues to a convenient fresh look! Bookings made easy and beauty made simple!

How do I get started?

Simply begin the booking process by choosing your location and service category then you are on your way! Once you have selected a provider, you will be guided to create your account or login. Simply fill out the required fields and you are started into a beautiful experience!

How do I find a specific provider?

To find a specific provider, use the search bar at the top of the page and type in their name. Don’t know their name? You can use the service and city selector to browse for the provider, or find one of our other certified experts!


How do I create a booking?

Create your booking by choosing a provider, service, time and location. As you make your way through a provider profile you will be asked to login or setup and account. Check your service, date & time. Confirm the appointment location, credit card payment and add any additional instructions. The provider will then be notified of your request!

What are the service fees associated with a booking?

Beauty Broker charges a flat fee of 7% to the provider pricing.

When will I be charged for a booking?

Once the booking is accepted there will be a 20% deposit drawn from the credit card. Once the appointment is complete the remainder of the associated cost is then drawn from the account.

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